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October 13

“Blessed is the man who makes the LORD his trust.” — Ps 40:4

This is not what the world says. It calls the man blessed, or happy–who gets on in business, who prospers and grows rich, or who rises to power. It is along the paths to these places of distinction, that the world throngs. There is no scramble for the honors of sainthood. Not many people envy the heroes of Christian faith. Yet as the angels see this world, its highest seats are filled by God’s believing ones. If we study the beatitudes, we shall learn who are really “blessed.” If we trace the word “blessed “ through the Bible–we see who come within the radiant circle.

The man who makes the Lord his trust is blessed. Why? He has been lifted out of the horrible pit. His feet are on a rock which cannot be shaken. He has a joy which nothing ever can break. His trust is one which no storm or flood, no financial panic, no bank failure, no defalcation, no fire, no political defeat–can ever disturb.

Is it not worth while, to have such a secure blessedness? No other trust is absolutely safe, even in this life. Then what about the day of death, and the judgment that comes after, and the eternity? We cannot leave out these stupendous events, when estimating what is best. It is not hard to prove that none are really blessed, except those whose trust is stayed on God. The question, however, is, Where is your trust? Are you among the blessed?

Daily Comfort - October 13

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.

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