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March 19

Trials Leading us to Christ

When he heard that Jesus was come ... he went unto him, and besought him that he would come down, and heal his son: — John 4:47

The trouble in his home sent this man to Christ. Perhaps he never would have gone at all had it not been for his son’s sickness. Many of those who went to Christ in the olden days were driven by their distress of heart. They tried everything else first, and then at the last moment they hurried to Jesus.

The same is true in these days. Many persons who have never prayed before have gotten down upon their knees by the bedside of their sick and dying children and cried to God on their behalf. Many persons have first been sent to God by their own troubles. It was not until the prodigal was in sore want, and every other resource had been exhausted, that he said he would arise and go to his father. Many sinners never think of Christ until they are in despair under the sense of guilt. Not until they see the storm of wrath gathering do they seek the shelter of the cross. But what a comfort it is that even going so late to the Saviour He does not reject or cast away those who come!

We ought to remember always that when any trouble comes to us, whatever other purpose it may have it is certainly intended to send us anew to Christ. Perhaps we have drifted away from Him, or grown careless, or lost our first love. The trouble that touches us is the merciful hand of God laid on us to lead us back to our place of safety and blessedness at His side. A man was travelling and was hungry, but did not know where to go to find food. There came up a sudden and violent storm, compelling him to seek shelter. Fleeing under a tree for refuge, he found not shelter only, but food. for the storm brought down fruits from the tree’s branches for his hunger. Those whom trouble drives to Christ also find both shelter from the storm and food to meet their cravings.

Daily Word of God - March 19

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.

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