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March 18

Sowing and Reaping

One soweth, and another reapeth. — John 4:37

This word of Christ is ofttimes illustrated in its literal sense. Many a man sows a field of wheat, and before the harvest lies in his grave. Many a man plants a tree, and does not live to taste its fruits; others coming after him enjoy the benefit of his labour.

Then still more frequently is this word illustrated in its spiritual sense. Ofttimes the sower does not reap any harvest in this world. Many people work hard and faithfully for Christ all their life and see no results. Then, by-and-by, others come, and with almost no toil gather from the same fields abundant harvests. One pastor preaches and prays for many years, and sees but few souls brought to Christ. He dies, or goes away and a new man comes. Almost immediately a revival begins, and many souls are brought into the kingdom. One sowed, another reaps. But who will say that the sower’s work was not just as important as the reaper’s? If the first pastor had not laboured so faithfully and so long, could the second have gathered such a harvest? We are sure that in heaven they will both rejoice together. There is no danger that there will be any jealousy there as to whose is the just meed of honour.

Many a mother teaches her children the story of the love of Christ, and presses upon them the acceptance of the Saviour. With prayer and faith she awaits the result, hoping to see them confess Christ. But at length her eyes are closed upon earth, and her children are still unsaved. At last, however, there comes a gentle reaper, and they are gathered into the garner. So it is with many a faithful teacher or other Christian worker. We need not then concern ourselves about the reaping. Let us sow every where the good seed, and whether we reap the harvest, or some other hand gather it, it will make no difference; sower and reaper shall rejoice together.

Daily Word of God - March 18

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.

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