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June 9

Always on Duty

A certain Pharisee besought him to dine with him: and he went in, and sat down to meat. — Luke 11:37

Our Lord was not ashamed to be the guest of publicans and sinners, but neither did he reject the invitations of the rich and influential. He was ready to go wherever there was an opportunity of doing good, even to social feasts and large dinner-parties. Of course we are safe in following His example; but we must read on a little farther, and then we shall see that He always used these opportunities as occasions of doing good.

We may go to any place where we can do the part of a messenger of God to other souls. We are never to be off duty as Christians, and as Christians we must be always Christ’s servants, ready to bear blessings from Him to others. We are to be sure, before we accept and invitation to any place, that our Master has an errand there for us. Then when we go, we are to improve the occasion for doing good in some way to some who are there.

Christ never went to any such places of amusement as offer their temptation to young people in these days; and yet this same principle applies to these. “Is it right for me to attend the theatre or the dancing-party?” Well, can you go there as a Christian? Can you confess Christ there? Can you talk of him to others? Can you ask his blessing on your going? Can you go as his messenger, sure that he sends you there? It is time we began to look at these matters very honestly and frankly. If was are Christians, we are to be Christians seven days in the week and everywhere.

Then we are to be Christians always on duty. A young clergyman who had been reproved by his bishop for certain unministerial conduct, sought to excuse himself by saying that he was not on duty at the time. The bishop replied: “A clergyman is never off duty.” This is true of every Christian. Wherever we go we represent our Master.

Daily Word of God - June 9

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.

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