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June 8

Christ’s Relations

For whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.” — Mark 3:35 NET

This seems too good to be true. To be the brother or the sister of Jesus — did you ever try to think out what it means? Then for every Christian to be taken by Christ into as close and tender a relationship as His own mother sustained to Him — did you ever try to think that out, remembering that you are the one taken into this loving fellowship?

Thousands of women have wished that they could have had Mary’s honour in being the mother of Jesus. Well, here it lies close to their hand. They cannot have Mary’s distinction in this world, but they can have a place just as near to the heart of the Christ as she has. How strange it is that sinful creatures can be taken thus into the very family of God, and have all the privileges and joys of the children of God! We cannot understand it, but let us believe it and think of it until it fills our heart with warmth and gladness. We do not begin to realize the blessedness and glory of being a Christian. There is a picture which seen in one light shows a poor, weary pilgrim, lying on a miserable pallet in a dreary garret; but seen in another light the same picture shows a saint of God, an heir of glory, arrayed in white robes, surrounded and carried up by angels to heavenly glory. The first view is that which human eyes see in the Christian; the other is the reality — that which heaven sees.

But we must not overlook the first part of this verse, that tells us who are received into this close relationship, — “whosoever shall do the will of God.” At every point as we go on, we catch more and more distinctly the teaching that obedience to God is part of the faith that saves. We must do God’s will, and follow Christ with loving fidelity, if we would obtain the privilege of being the brothers and sisters of Christ.

Daily Word of God - June 8

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.