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September 15

He could not be hid. — Mark 7:24

Jesus cannot be hid. Wherever He is, people know it.

There was a great burden on this Gentile mother’s heart, the burden of a demoniac child. When she heard that the Healer was near her, she saw her opportunity and seized it. She believed that He could heal her child, and she was determined to get the blessing while He was within reach.

It would be well if all mothers were as earnest in seeking spiritual blessing for their children as this mother was in seeking the casting out of the demon.

There are other impediments in speech and hearing besides those named in these verses.

Some men cannot speak for God, nor can they hear God’s words as He speaks to them. Many who profess to be the followers of Christ seem never to be able to speak a word for Him. God gives them messages, but they remain silent, and souls are lost for want of a word, which they might have spoken.

We should seek the freeing for use of all our abilities, for power to its last particle is duty.

Mornings With God - September 15

Public domain content taken from Morning Thoughts by J.R. Miller.

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