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October 14

The tongue can no man tame. — Jas 3:8

The tongue is a troublesome member. It is a very important member, however. With it we can do great good.

Our words, if they are true and loving, carry blessings wherever they are heard. But the tongue is hard to control. When we have really got our tongue under control we are almost perfect. One who can govern his speech can govern every other part of his life.

A small bit keeps a spirited horse in check; a little rudder turns a great ship in its course; so the tongue, though so small a member, controls the whole life. The tongue is harder to tame than wild beasts. There has been but one Man who never spoke foolishly, rashly, bitterly. Jesus never did. His words were all clean, sweet, helpful, and inspiring.

We ought to set ourselves the task of mastering our tongues, for then we can do untold good with them. Only Christ can help us to do it.

He mastered everything – demons, diseases, winds, waves, death itself, and He can help us to master the most unruly tongue.

Mornings With God - October 14

Public domain content taken from Morning Thoughts by J.R. Miller.

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