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June 23

When I found that he had... appealed unto Augustus, I have determined to send him. — Acts 25:25

Paul had been assured that he would witness for Christ at Rome. But the way to Rome was a long one for him. He was kept in prison, and prevented from reaching his destination promptly. But we may be sure that no time was really lost.

God’s plans often move slowly, and if we try to hurry them we only do harm.

The Roman courts were the shelter divinely provided for Paul in those days. His appeal to Caeser saved him. If he had been in the hands of the Jews, he would have been killed. But Roman justice was a wall about him which shielded him. Paul’s mission was to go Rome as a missionary, and Rome carried him there.

God’s hand moves in all the world’s events. Paul’s affairs filled a large place in men’s thoughts in those days. The Jews kept clamouring at the door of Festus for his death. But Festus found that they had no charge against him worthy of attention. So Paul’s appeal to Caesar protected him from his enemies.

Mornings With God - June 23

Public domain content taken from Morning Thoughts by J.R. Miller.

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