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November 26

“If he offers it as an expression of thankfulness” — Lev 7:12

The idea of this offering was, that when there was any special favor shown or blessing received, the heart’s gratitude should express itself in this way. If the ship arrived safely through the storm, the passenger, as soon as he reached the shore, hastened to present his thank-offering. If one recovered from a dangerous sickness, his first walk abroad was to the tabernacle with his sacrifice. Should we not bring some new gift to God’s altar–after every recovery from sickness, every deliverance from danger, every new kindness enjoyed?

There is a story of a Scotch mother whose child was stolen away by an eagle. Almost crazed, she saw the bird soar away to its eyrie far up the cliff. No one could scale the crag. The mother went to her room and prayed. An old sailor climbed the cliff, and crept down with the child. As the mother was still praying, with outstretched hands and shut eyes–he softly laid the babe on her arms and vanished. Rising in silence, she did not even kiss her little one, until she had carried it to the church and solemnly given it to God. Should not every life given back again, every joy plucked from death and restored, as well as every new blessing granted, be given to God in solemn dedication before it is put to any other use?

Daily Comfort - November 26

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.

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