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November 21

“Jesus entered Jericho and was passing through.” — Luke 19:1

Jesus had never been in Jericho before–and He never went there again! He was now on His last journey, and in a few days He would be dead. Hence this was the only opportunity the people there ever had of receiving blessings from Him. If any sufferers neglected to seek for help just that one day–they never had another opportunity.

Think what that passing hour was, in the history of the old city. Some caught a blessing at Christ’s hand as He went by; and they must ever after have remembered with gratitude, the face that shone upon them and the eyes that looked into theirs. But there must have been many who did not seize the opportunity, and were left unblessed.

Christ is ever passing by. He may come again. He does continually come again; but he is ever moving, and the blessing we would get from Him at any time–we must get as He passes.

All the days seem alike as they come to us; but each day comes with its own opportunities, its own calls to duty, its own privileges, holding out hands offering us radiant gifts. The day passes–and never comes again. Other days as bright may come–but that day never comes a second time. If we do not take just then the gifts it offers–we shall never have another opportunity to get them, and shall always be poorer for what we have missed. We need to be alert to take quickly from each day, the blessing which it brings.

Daily Comfort - November 21

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.

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