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March 19

“And Aaron spoke all the words which the Lord had spoken unto Moses.” — Exod 4:30

One of the excuses Moses offered when God bade him go to be the deliverer of his people–was that he was not a good speaker. God met his difficulty by telling him that he would provide a speaker. Aaron would be his mouthpiece. So all along the history, Moses is a silent man, and Aaron’s is the voice we hear. Each did his own part.

It is just in this way that God’s work is always to be done. No one person has universal gifts. One man is a poor talker–but has brains and heart, and can make plans, and impart energy and inspiration. Another is an eloquent speaker–but lacks in the very points in which the first excels. Put the two together, and they can achieve great results.

In a church, some can sing well; some cannot sing–but can teach; some can do neither–but can carry comfort to the sick; some can manage business affairs; some can make money–and give it. There is a diversity of gifts, no two having the same; but if all work together, each doing his own part, the church is not only a power–but there is no necessary work which is not done. Never worry because you have not the gift some other one has; you have some gift, and that is the one God wants you to use!

Daily Comfort - March 19

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.

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