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March 18

Now the Lord had said to Aaron, “Go out into the wilderness to meet Moses.” — Exod 4:27

God always knows where to find the man he wants. Indeed, he trains men while they know it not–for the work he means them to do by and by. For eighty years Moses had been in special preparation for his great mission as leader. Aaron also had been in training for the particular part of the work he was to do. He did not know what he was being prepared for–but God knew. Probably Aaron had naturally a fine voice. Then we may suppose that while in Egypt he was led to give much attention to elocution and oratory. He did not know what special use was to be made of his power–but God knew. Then when the time came for him to enter upon his work, he was ready.

The young man does not know what work God may have waiting for him to do. But he possesses certain talents and gifts. These he should train to the very highest degree of efficiency. Then when God wants him–he will be ready.

It was the daily prayer of a young Christian girl, that God would prepare her for whatever he was preparing for her. Many lives are failures, because when God wants them they are not ready. Many a young man enters a profession without qualification, having squandered his opportunities. Is it any wonder he makes a failure? We should train ourselves to proficiency in something, and God will want us by and by, and we shall be ready.

Daily Comfort - March 18

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.

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