Daily Comfort

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June 14

The Lord’s precepts are fair and make one joyful. The Lord’s commands are pure and give insight for life. — Ps 19:8 NET

Many people think that a godly life–must be a sad and gloomy life. They suppose that Christians have no joy. They have to deny themselves many pleasures. They have to live strictly and soberly. They have to follow the Scriptures. Life must be dreary and joyless to Christians.

So the people talk, who boast of being free from the restraints of the Bible. But, as a matter of fact, the happiest people in this world are those who are keeping God’s commandments. Who ever heard of sin “rejoicing the heart”? Disobedience never made anyone happy–but obedience always gives peace.

There are fresh-water springs in the sea, which continually pour out sweet water beneath all the brackish tides. So in the obedient heart, under all self-denials, there is a spring of joy ever flowing. It is the peace of God which nothing can disturb, a holy fountain whose flow nothing can ever check.

Daily Comfort - June 14

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.