Daily Comfort

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June 12

O God, I will sing a new song to you! Accompanied by a ten-stringed instrument, I will sing praises to you, — Ps 144:9 NET

Ruskin says, “Many mighty harmonies have been discoursed by instruments that had been dumb or discordant.” This is very true, and is most encouraging to those who are conscious of the imperfection of their own lives. One says, “I never can live a truly sweet or beautiful life, for sin has so marred my soul and jangled all its chords.” True–but God can take the instrument with the broken keys and the discordant strings–and put it in perfect repair. “He restores my soul;” and under his touch and his breath–it may give out music that will thrill men’s hearts, and delight the angels and God himself.

Some of the worst tempered people may be made gentle and loving in speech, act, and disposition, by the transforming power of divine grace. The selfish nature may be tuned into sweetest unselfishness and charity. So with all jangled life-keys. God can put them in tune–if we will but leave them in his skillful hands. The possibilities of beautiful living, in even the most marred and imperfect souls–are almost infinite. None need ever despair, who will accept the divine grace, and profit by the divine teaching and discipline.

Daily Comfort - June 12

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.