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August 4

“The Babylonians broke through the wall–and the city fell!” — Jer 39:2

When even the smallest breach is made in a wall–it is the beginning of the end! The breach is easily increased, until, where at first only one or two men could enter–now a whole army pours through.

Each of us lives ‘within walls’. There is the wall of innocence, which God sets around every human soul. So long as it remains unbroken, we are safe; but when once a breach is made–enemies pour in! It is then easy to break down the whole wall, leaving the life exposed to every temptation. Then, every wild beast enters the garden at will.

Conscience is another of the walls which God builds around each soul. So long as it is kept inviolable, it is an impregnable protection. But this, too, may be broken; and when one small breach has been made in it–it is easy to make it larger breach. It is not as hard to violate conscience the second time, as it was the first time. It is easier still the third and the fourth time. By and by the whole wall is broken down! When this time comes–the citadel of the heart is utterly in the enemy’s hands! Everything beautiful is destroyed. The temple is in ruins, the altar is torn away, the fires are out–and there is only darkness in the place once sacred and bright with God’s presence. It is well that we look after ‘the walls of our life’!

Daily Comfort - August 4

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.

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