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August 7

What Think Ye of Christ

But whom say ye that I am — Matt 16:15

It is to us a great deal more important question what we think personally about Christ than what the world thinks about Him. We may be able to state the doctrines of all the creeds of Christendom concerning His person; and yet the question remains: “Whom do you say that I am? What think you of Christ?”

It is vitally important that we have right views of Christ. Who is He? Is He divine, or only human? If He is only human, we may get much profit from His teachings and from His example, but that is all. In our days of struggle and temptation we cannot turn to Him for personal help. The holiest saints in heaven cannot impart to us any strength in our weakness. They cannot reach down their hands to lead us, to defend us, to help us over the hard places. If we fall, they cannot lift us up again. We can get no help from John or from Paul. If Jesus was no more than a good and holy man, He can do nothing for us now excepting through His teachings and His example; but if He is divine, He can be to us all that we need as friend, helper, guide, comforter, refuge. So we see that it does matter what we believe concerning the Person of Christ. Doctrines are important.

Then, when the doctrinal question has been answered, there are other questions that come still more closely home: “What is Christ to you personally? Is He only in your creed? Is He only a person about whom you believe a great many blessed and glorious things? Is He in your thoughts only as the mighty Saviour of all who believe on Him? Is He anything to you personally? Is He your Saviour, your Friend, your Helper?” These are the questions that tell just where we stand with regard to Christ and eternal life. Opinions about Christ, though ever so true and orthodox, are not enough; only living faith in Him saves.

Daily Word of God - August 7

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.

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