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November 23

I have taught thee In the way of wisdom; I have led thee in right paths. — Prov 4:11

We know not what the path may be
As yet by us untrod;
But we can trust our all to Thee,
Our Father and our God.

We have very little command over the circumstances in which we may be called by God to bear our part—unlimited command over the temper of our souls, but next to no command over the outward forms of trial. The most energetic will cannot order the events by which our spirits are to be perilled and tested. Powers quite beyond our reach—death, accident, fortune, another’s sin—may change in a moment all the conditions of our life. With to-morrow’s sun existence may have new and awful aspects for any of us.
—J. H. THOM.

Oh, my friend, look not out at what stands in the way; what if it look dreadfully as a lion, is not the Lord stronger than the mountains of prey? but look in, where the law of life is written, and the will of the Lord revealed, that thou mayest know what is the Lord’s will concerning thee. —I. PENINGTON.

Daily Strength for Daily Needs - November 23

Public domain content taken from Daily Strength for Daily Needs by Mary Wilder Tileston.

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