Daily Strength for Daily Needs

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June 8

Who hath despised the day of small things? — Zech 4:10 WEB

Little things
On little wings
Bear little souls to heaven.

An occasional effort even of an ordinary holiness may accomplish great acts of sacrifice, or bear severe pressure of unwonted trial, specially if it be the subject of observation. But constant discipline in unnoticed ways, and the spirit’s silent unselfishness, becoming the hidden habit of the life, give to it its true saintly beauty, and this is the result of care and lowly love in little things. Perfection is attained most readily by this constancy of religious faithfulness in all minor details of life, consecrating the daily efforts of self-forgetting love.

Love’s secret is to be always doing things for God, and not to mind because they are such very little ones.

There may be living and habitual conversation in heaven, under the aspect of the most simple, ordinary life. Let us always remember that holiness does not consist in doing uncommon things, but in doing everything with purity of heart.

Daily Strength for Daily Needs - June 8

Public domain content taken from Daily Strength for Daily Needs by Mary Wilder Tileston.