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September 18

Receive him therefore in the Lord with all gladness. — Phil 2:29

It is pleasant to look up the little biographies of good men that we find imbedded in Paul’s letters. There is so much that is deep and abstruse in some of his doctrinal discussions that we are apt to think of him as a sort of doctrinaire, without much of the genial, loving side of life in him.

But when we study his letters we discover our mistake. He loved people, he needed friends, and he always saw the best that was in them.

The little story of Epaphroditus that we have in this chapter is very interesting.

Paul appreciated him. Nor did he forget his kindness – he had ministered to his needs. He was the messenger from the Philippian church, and had brought tokens of love to the apostle from his old friends. He had been taken sick, too, in Rome, but God had mercifully spared him. Now he is returning, and is to carry this letter.

This kindly mention of Epaphroditus shows us how somewhere, if not in books, every kindness any of us does is written down.

Mornings With God - September 18

Public domain content taken from Morning Thoughts by J.R. Miller.

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