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January 14

The Lord hath need of them. — Matt 21:3

Whatever of ours Jesus asks the use of we should give Him without question. He often wants to use money of ours in His work, and we should never refuse His request. He asks for the use of a book of ours which He wants to have sent to one of His hungry–hearted little ones, who needs just that book. The other day a reclining–chair which had stood unused in a home for two years, since grandmother died, was brought out and sent to a sick man who needed it.

The true temples of God are human hearts in which God would make His home. But sometimes there is no room for Him. In the Temple at Jerusalem Jesus found men doing things that desecrated the place, and He drove them out. He comes to us and would drive out of our hearts everything that defileth.

Jesus was disappointed that morning on His way to Jerusalem when, hungry, He went to the fig–tree for food. Is He ever disappointed when He comes to us hungry?

Mornings With God - January 14

Public domain content taken from Morning Thoughts by J.R. Miller.

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