Evening Prayer

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Thursday, Week 12

In the quiet of the eventide, we come to You, our Father, for Your blessing. We are weary, tonight, after the day's toils and cares, and come to You for rest. You have promised rest to those who come to You. Things have not all gone today as we had hoped they would. We intended to be very good and faithful — but while the spirit was willing, the flesh was weak — and we failed many times. Father, forgive us for these failures, and save us from repeating them.

Many of our expectations were not realized. We had our disappointments. Some of our plans failed. We leave these broken things with You. It was Your will that they should be broken, because they were not Your plans. Our ways were not Your ways — but Your ways are wiser and better than ours. So we leave all with You, praying that Your plan for us may go on in all our broken plans, and that all things may indeed work together for our good.

We pray again for this dear home of ours — we must always pray for it. It needs Your grace afresh every day, that it may be kept heaven-like in this world of sin. Purify all our home affections. May all things serve to bring us nearer together and to bind us closer to each other. May our common toils and cares and sorrows — become new bands of love to hold us heart to heart in mutual love. May we never fail in patience, nor in unselfishness, nor in thoughtfulness. Give us the spirit of self-effacement, if we are called to make personal sacrifices in order that our home may be blessed. Pour into our hearts the spirit of love and grace, that we may be mutually helpful, and then our home shall be happy. We ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Thursday, Week 12

Public domain content taken from Family Prayers for Thirteen Weeks by J.R. Miller.

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