Evening Prayer

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Sunday, Week 11

Our heavenly Father, help us to draw near to You this evening. Our thoughts wander away so easily that it is hard for us to bring them into a reverent attitude. Our lives gravitate earthward. The old nature in us is strong. The influences around us are worldly. When we would do good — evil is present with us. We cannot even pray without Your help. Help us, O God. Have mercy upon us, and draw us by Your Spirit to Yourself. Enable us to commune with You. Put into our hearts holy thoughts, and may we breathe them back to You in prayers. Fill us with Your love — and then we shall be loving as You are.

We beseech You, our Father, to make this Sunday truly a day of blessing and good in our lives. Our minds have been turned to holy things; may we be holier through all the week because of this. May our minds carry the sacred memories of the day, and may they be like sweet songs singing in us wherever we go. May invisible spiritual things be more real to us, because of these Sunday hours. May the hold of the world upon us be loosened, and may its power over us be lessened through this day's holy influences. So may abiding blessing be ours, as we leave another Sunday behind us, and may our lives attest the reality of our union with You.

We thank You for the hope of the eternal rest of which this earthly day is a token and a pledge. Prepare us for that rest which remains for Your people. May the influence of this heavenly hope, draw upon us mightily while we journey through this world. May its holiness keep us from sinning. May we get nearer in heart and life to You each day, as we draw nearer each day to Your glory. We ask in Jesus' precious name. Amen.

Sunday, Week 11

Public domain content taken from Family Prayers for Thirteen Weeks by J.R. Miller.

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