Evening Prayer

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Thursday, Week 8

First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be offered for everyone—for kings and all those in authority—so that we may lead tranquil and quiet lives in all godliness and dignity.
— 1 Timothy 2:1-2 (BSB)

Prayer wonderfully clears the vision; steadies the nerves; defines duty; stiffens the purpose; sweetens and strengthens the spirit.
— S.D. Gordon

O blessed Jesus, whom not having seen we love, in whom, though we see You not, yet believing, we rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory — we come to You at the ending of another day. Abide with us, for it is toward evening and the day is far spent. The night will be turned into day if You are with us, for it is never dark where You are.

We bring to You the happiness of the day. It all came from You. Every fragment of beauty we have enjoyed, is from Your hand. You have made the blue skies, the green fields, the lovely flowers, the birds with their sweet songs, and all the beautiful things of this fair world. You have made the children whose voices are such music in earth's homes. The sunshine is Yours, the stars are from Your hand. It is wonderful what a beautiful world You have made, just to be our home. Our hearts are full of praise as we think of all these things which tell of Your loving thought for us.

We lay our burdens down at Your feet. What we have done today, we bring to You for Your blessing, for no work is finished until it has the touch of Your hand upon it and Your blessing.

Finish what we have begun.

Cleanse what our soiled hands have stained.

Correct what our clumsiness has marred.

If we have neglected any duty, may You forgive us and show us what it is that we may even yet try to do it. Teach us more and more to be thoughtful, watchful, and alert — that we may do the things we ought to do, that we may hear the cries of human need which come from weary hearts about us, calling us to love's ministries. May we live ever nearer to Jesus, and then we shall know what we ought to do. Bless us, Father, for Jesus' sake. Amen.

Thursday, Week 8

Public domain content taken from Family Prayers for Thirteen Weeks by J.R. Miller.

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