Evening Prayer

Morning Prayer

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Monday Evening, Week 5

To whom, Lord, shall we go, but to You? You have the words of eternal life! You alone know our needs — and You alone can supply them. You alone can give us guidance, wisdom, help, comfort in sorrow, forgiveness for sin, and eternal life. We bow at Your feet tonight, knowing that we have no need of any kind which You cannot supply. You can make provision for our bodily needs. You can furnish all that we need for our mental and spiritual life.

This has been a profitable day for us, because You have blessed us. We have received new mercies at Your hand. We have had food and clothing, and many of life's good things. For these common mercies we thank You. We thank You for all the good that has come to us through our human friends — their sympathy and kindness. We thank You for home love and trust — for all that our home means to us. It is a shelter from the storms. We can turn away from the world's insincerity, self-interest, envy and rancor, and find always within our own door — love that is true, deep, unselfish, enriching, and comforting. Here we are sure of each other's love. We do not need to be so on our guard, as when we are outside. So we thank You for the blessing of our home, for its companionship, its joy, its comfort, the healing of its love.

Help us to make our home holier, more loving, more true and pure, more full of inspiration — the best place in the world to grow up in. Now while we kneel together as a family, around the family altar, in our evening prayer, we plead for Your blessing. Abide with us. Be our guest tonight. Give us blessings in sleep. Prepare us for a new day, and give us new blessings when it opens. We ask all in the name of our Redeemer. Amen.

Monday Evening, Week 5

Public domain content taken from Family Prayers for Thirteen Weeks by J.R. Miller.