Evening Prayer

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Sunday, Week 3

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
— Matthew 6:13 (BSB)

Depend on it! God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply!
— Hudson Taylor

We thank You, O God, for this blessed day. It opened with grace, and grace has brightened all its sacred hours. We have seen Your face, and our hearts have been made to rejoice. We have waited upon You, and You have renewed our strength. We went to Your sanctuary, and You met us there and blessed us. We prayed to You, and You came near to us in love, breathing Your own life into our souls.

Sanctify to us all the lessons and influences of the day. Help us to remember the words You have spoken to us. May we carry in our hearts — new impulses, warmer desires, heavenlier aspirations, from Sunday's devotions. May we be stronger for duty, more brave and heroic for struggle, gentler-hearted, with tenderer sympathies, and sweeter affections — because today we have seen You.

Bless to all Your people everywhere, Sunday's rest and worship. May good follow every sermon preached, every lesson taught in the Sunday school, and every holy word spoken in public or in private. May Your people be strengthened in their faith, may their love be increased, and may their zeal be more fervent — because of this day's ministrations of Your word.

We plead now for special grace to fit us for the work of the week that lies before us. We cannot forecast even one day. What the future, even the nearest future, has in store for us — we cannot tell. But You know, and we will go on into the unopened hours without fear. All will be well, because You will lead us, and we are not afraid to trust You. Choose the path for us. We would not choose for ourselves, if we might, for Your knowledge is so much better than ours. So we commit all to You, and we will go on in Your name. Amen.

Sunday, Week 3

Public domain content taken from Family Prayers for Thirteen Weeks by J.R. Miller.

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