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September 18

“Then a voice from the cloud said, ”This is my Son, my Chosen One. Listen to him." — Luke 9:35

Many of the sweetest revealings of comfort, are spoken to God’s children out of the clouds of sorrow. Many a Christian learns more about God in a brief season of trouble, than he has learned before in years of earthly prosperity. We would never see the stars–if the sun did not go down. We would never see the promises that gem the Bible pages, like stars in the sky–were there no darkening of the sky of human prosperity and joy. Out of our clouds, too, comes the Father’s voice, saying, “This is my Son.” It is Christ who comes even in the shadow, who for a time hides and darkens his face. HE is in the center of every cloud.

There is significance also, in the message from the cloud, “Listen to him!” We must learn to listen to Christ–and to him only. There are mysteries about Christianity, things hard to be understood–but we may safely wait for the solution of these, meanwhile doing sweetly and quietly the things that Christ bids us do. Hereafter, we shall know.

Rain comes out of clouds, and if there is no rain–all nature suffers. So out of sorrow’s clouds–the rain falls, and our lives are enriched thereby.

Daily Comfort - September 18

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.

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