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October 16

“What do you see?” — Zech 4:2

The world is full of lovely things which only a few people can see.

Many people have eyes–yet see nothing lovely in all the splendors of earth, or sky, or sea. Well would it be, if an angel walked by the side of everyone, saying continually, at every turn, “What do you see?” The world is full of visions of loveliness, for everyone who can see.

Then in the Bible, too, there are wonderful things on every page. Here, again, we should train ourselves to ask, as our eyes fall on verse after verse, “What do you see?” If we had this habit well formed, we would be ever coming upon new things. Visions of divine loveliness would rise up continually before us, with their heavenly teachings, and their inspirations toward loftier, holier, nobler life!

Daily Comfort - October 16

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.

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