Daily Comfort

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June 24

He assembled the priests and Levites and ordered them, “Go out to the cities of Judah and collect the annual quota of silver from all Israel for repairs on the temple of your God. Be quick about it!” But the Levites delayed. — 2 Chr 24:5 NET

The Levites seem to have been indifferent and negligent. No reason is given for their lack of energy–but we see its consequence. The house of the Lord remained year after year in its condition of decay, a standing dishonor to the name of God, and a reproach to those who had been commanded to repair it.

This is quite an old story; but we may take for ourselves a lesson on the sin of indolence in doing God’s work. Whatever we are bidden to do–we should do at once. Promptness is half of obedience. Procrastination is a sad sin. It takes out of life much of its power for good. It grows into a fearful habit, if it is encouraged. A boy who is slow and loitering, will always be behind time, and when he becomes a man will accomplish but little. Many men, even good men, fail to do all that they might do with their life–if only they were always prompt. They lose time, not by being idle–but by loitering, by failing to work intensely.

Daily Comfort - June 24

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.