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August 6

“Jesus did not answer a word.” — Matt 15:23

Jesus is not so tender-hearted, that he cannot tolerate to see us suffer–when suffering is the best experience for us. He does not immediately lift burdens from our shoulders when it is needful for our growth that we bear the burdens longer. There is a mushy sentimentality in many people’s ideas about Christ–as if he were too gentle to endure the sight of suffering. It is possible to be too tender toward pain. It is possible for parents to be too emotionally kind to their children. Uncontrolled pity is great weakness, and it is ofttimes very injurious.

Christ’s tenderness is never too tender to be wise–as well as tender. He never makes the mistake of yielding to anyone’s entreaties, when denial would be better than acquiescence. He never lets us have what we want–because he cannot bear to say “no” to our tearful cries. He is not so tenderhearted as to allow his own disciples to go unchastened, when only by chastisement can he promote their spiritual growth.

But one thing we must not forget, it is love which prompts his severity. He was silent here, that, in the end, he might give the full, rich blessing he wanted to give this woman–but which she could not receive at the first. He denies us, and is silent to us when we cry–that he may draw out our faith, and give us his best blessings by and by.

Daily Comfort - August 6

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.

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