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May 4

He hath given food unto them that fear him: He will ever be mindful of his covenant. The works of his hands are truth and justice; All his precepts are sure. — Ps 111:5,7

The chess board is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the universe, the rules of the game we call the laws of nature. My metaphor will remind some of you of the famous picture in which Retzsch has depicted Satan playing chess with man for his soul. Substitute for the mocking fiend in that picture a calm, strong angel, who is playing “for love,” as we say, and would rather lose than win, and I should accept it as an image of human life.
— Thomas Henry Huxley.

Riches and nobility fade together. O, my God! be thou praised for having made love for all time, and immortal as thyself.
— George Sand.


Father of life, I know I cannot hold youth. I may have prosperity or poverty. I thank thee that thou hast taught me that love may be kept changeless through all. Amen.

Daily Prayer Guide - May 4

Public domain content taken from Leaves of Life by Margaret Bird Steinmetz.

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