Morning and Evening

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July 21


The daughter of Jerusalem hath shaken her head at thee. — Isa 37:22

Reassured by the Word of the Lord, the poor trembling citizens of Zion grew bold, and shook their heads at Sennacherib’s boastful threats. Strong faith enables the servants of God to look with calm contempt upon their most haughty foes. We know that our enemies are attempting impossibilities. They seek to destroy the eternal life, which cannot die while Jesus lives; to overthrow the citadel, against which the gates of hell shall not prevail. They kick against the goads to their own wounding, and rush upon Jehovah’s thick, studded shields, to their own hurt. We know their weakness. What are they but men? And what is man but a worm? They roar and swell like waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame. When the Lord arises, they shall fly as chaff before the wind, and be consumed as crackling thorns! Their utter powerlessness to do damage to the cause of God and His truth, may make the weakest soldiers in Zion’s ranks laugh them to scorn!

Above all, we know that the Most High God is with us, and what enemy can conquer Him? If He comes forth from His place, the potsherds of the earth will not long contend with their Maker. His rod of iron shall dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel, and their very remembrance shall perish from the earth. Away, then, all fears—the kingdom is safe in the King’s hands. Let us shout for joy, for the Lord reigns, and His foes shall be as straw for the dunghill.


Why go I mourning? — Ps 42:9

Can you answer this, believer? Can you find any reason why you are so often mourning, instead of rejoicing? Why yield to gloomy anticipations? Who told you that the night would never end in day? Who told you that the sea of troubles would ebb out—until there should be nothing left but long leagues of the mud of horrible poverty? Who told you that the winter of your discontent would proceed from frost to frost, from snow, and ice, and hail, to deeper snow, and yet more heavy tempest of despair? Don’t you know—that day follows night, that flood comes after ebb, that spring and summer follow winter? Hope then! Hope ever! For God fails you not.

Don’t you know—that your God loves you in the midst of all this? Mountains, when hidden in darkness, are as real as in day and God’s love is as true to you now as it was in your brightest moments. No father chastens always—your heavenly Father hates the rod as much as you do! He only cares to use it for that reason which should make you willing to receive it, namely—that it works your everlasting good. You shall yet climb Jacob’s ladder with the angels, and behold Him who sits at the top of it—your covenant God. You shall yet, amidst the splendors of eternity—forget the trials of time, or only remember them to bless the God who led you through them, and wrought your everlasting good by them.

Come, sing in the midst of tribulation. Rejoice even while passing through the furnace. Make the wilderness to blossom like the rose! Cause the desert to ring with your exulting joys, for these light afflictions will soon be over, and then—“forever with the Lord,” your bliss shall never wane!

Morning and Evening - July 21

Public domain content taken from Morning and Evening by Charles H. Spurgeon.